Top 4 Tips for Fabric Shopping

The most vital component of an outfit is the fabric. Well, it does not matter how good the garment’s seams are. If the garment is made from the wrong fabric, then automatically, the design will look horrible. It is thus advisable to find the best fabric from a fabric shop that will suit your needs. But, how do you find the best fabric? Here are the tips to consider when fabric shopping;

  1. Fibre Content

One of the essential things to look for in a fabric is fibre content. Some of the materials can be very easy to clean, some can’t be cleaned, and others require a lot of maintenance to keep. As such, getting a material that is easier to clean is ideal as it won’t give you a hard time. Some of the common fibres are;
• Cotton
• Polyester
• Silk
• Wool

  1. Weave

The final fabric properties also depend on how the fabric is woven. There are different weaves you can find, like knit and woven. Woven fabric has a slight stretch. Mostly, it is found in garments, quilting and upholstery sections. Knit fabric stretches a lot and is suitable for leggings, bodysuits, tight shirts and anything that needs stretching.

  1. Weight

How thick the fabric is matters a lot. The weight affects how warm it will be, the structure it will keep, and how it drapes. If you want to make something that is light, then opt for lightweight fabrics. For heavier clothing, go for heavy fabrics. Weight affects many things; thus, know the use of fabric and how it will be used on the costume before buying it.

  1. Texture

A fabric texture has a significant effect on an outfit’s outcome. Some fabrics like satin are smooth and shiny, others are dense with no shine, while some are comprised of raised patterns. For example, shiny satin can’t be used on a military outfit.


Fabric shopping can be a confusing task if you are not prepared. But with these fabric shopping tips, everything is likely to go as planned.