Tips to consider when shopping for fabric

Tips to consider when shopping for fabric
Shopping for fabric can be very interesting but, at the same time, maybe overwhelming due to the unlimited options in texture and quality. From cotton to velvet, to denim to silk, there is a wide range to choose from. To get the perfect match for your project, here are a couple of tips to consider;

Know what you want
Different fabrics are appropriate for various projects. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of fabric for home décors such as curtains and chairs or you are looking to put together an outfit, know what matters most to you. Some of the factors include;
• How Easy It is to clean
• Durability
• The price
• Quality
• How easy it is to handle( especially when for DIY projects)
These factors will help you narrow down your most practical options. Additionally, you can study the back of the pattern envelope for the garment you want to make to suggest the suitable fabric to use.

Approximate the amount of fabric you will need.
Using a pattern envelope is another intelligent way to figure out how much fabric you need. A pattern envelope contains measurements based on a size chart. More often than not, the amount of cloth suggested in the chart ends up being more than you may need. The approximation process gets much easier with mobile phone applications that will help you figure out the appropriate lengths and widths.

Always check out the remnant bin
Remnants are mostly less than a yard of fabric, perhaps the end of bolts or accidental cuts placed in a bin. They are sold at discounted prices since they are pretty much ‘waste’ fabric that is not displayed. The remnant bin is frequently located behind the fabric cutting table or in a corner. Some stores may have the container stashed somewhere in the back; this should not stop you from asking for it as it could save you a great deal.

Buy in bulk
This tip is particularly impactful when you are shopping in the sale section. Buying several pieces of fabric at once will not only save you time but potentially save you a lot of money. Take into account that you may not require the material immediately, therefore be keen to choose textures or colors you may need in the future. Try to tone down on patterns and go for neutral colors to blend with other prints easily.

Lookout for discounts and coupons
It is always essential to take advantage of any opportunity to save when it arises. While several chain stores offer coupons due to their significant profit margin, small shops will not. However, small shops occasionally provide discounted prices on fabric and may give their customers room to bargain. Whichever the case, always look for the opportunity to pay a little less. (stoffbutikk)

Shop Online
Shopping online is not only fast but also easy due to the wide selection of fabrics available. At the same time, it is easy to compare prices from different online stores and look at reviews from other customers on quality and service delivery. If you are a bit skeptical, you could take your time to identify your preferred fabric company and buy from them. The experience of shopping online may differ from shopping virtually, but the convenience that comes with it is worth it. (Symaskin)

The next time you go out fabric shopping, consider these factors and also consider getting the help of a seamstress at the store or someone from your store. They probably have additional tips to help you shop for exactly what you need.