Second Regional Scientific Conference of ICOM SEE

Regional Alliance of ICOM for South East Europe was organized the Regional Scientific Conference with the topic Proposals for recovery and revitalization of heritage in the region of South East Europe - „Risk assessment of cultural and natural heritage in the region of South East Europe”.

Conference topics were include:

  •  Architectural and monumental heritage
  • Archeological heritage-sites
  • Movable heritage (museum objects; archival, library and film material)
  • Intangible heritage
  • Natural heritage

 The Conference was held in the period between 22nd to 26th May 2012., at the University of Niš, Serbia.

The Conference was attended by approximately 110 participants, while 62 presentations, given by researchers and experts from nine countries in the region of South East Europe - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, were realised. Participants from Australia (University of South New Wales) and Italy (High Institute for Conservation in Rome and Italian Development Cooperation in Belgrade) took an active part in presentations.

Study excursions, organised in the framework of the Conference, aimed at acquainting participants from the region and Europe with valuable and typical heritage of this region of Serbia: medieval monasteries with preserved fresco paintings, natural rarities, specificities and phenomena, industrial heritage, traditional urban and rural environments, old crafts and traditional elements of gastronomic heritage.

The Conference participants came from various heritage protection related institutions: museums, protection institutes, archives, universities, the Ministry of Interior, etc. On account of a large number of participants, the programme was realised in two parallel sessions, held in separate halls, and involved new theoretic concepts and methodologies in the field of heritage protection: research, protection and presentation of museum and archive materials, architectural heritage and archaeological sites, intangible heritage, legislation and criminality in the heritage field, cultural policy and marketing; social perception of museum institutions, education, applied research, application of new technologies, contemporary documentation, etc.

Current problems, related to risks to heritage, including the risk arising from inadequate professional interventions and incorrect handling, were predominantely represented. Analyses, confirming the existence of a large number of risks to heritage in museums (in depots and exhibition space), architecture and its environment, were presented, while emphasis was given to adverse effects of inadequate legislation, lack of heritage integration into contemporary life, undeveloped methodologies of intangible heritage preservation, etc.

Positive professional experiences in various domains (education, rescue and revitalisation of highly devastated heritage, successful presentations of archaeological, architectural and historical heritage, application of new technologies, establishment of concepts of bio-cultural conformity, new approaches to sustainable development issues, projects of joint preservation of cultural and natural heritage, etc.) were presented.

A series of measures have been recommended,  with a view to revitalising museum institutions, such as, for instance, a holistic, museological approach to museological and conservation activities, strategic consolidation of institutions’ development paths; preparation of joint documents that will establish criteria for integrated museum management in urgent and extraordinary circumstances, based on ICOM, ICRROM documents and MDC directives, in compliance with specific needs of individual countries in the region, continuation of training of experts from the region at an international level, further exchange of expert knowledge and experience at the level of South East Europe, etc.

The Conference was financially supported by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Culture, Information and Information Society and ICOM Paris.

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